About Ashacre Films

image Keith Fakenbridge has been a stills photographer for many years. Amongst other things, he was involved in Heritage Interpretation, specialising in creating audio visual productions for heritage sites. His work is highly acclaimed in offering a unique blend of images, music, sound effects and narration, which emotively captures the true essence of the project and seamlessly takes viewers on a journey of discovery and exploration. These skills and experience have been adapted to shooting video and sometimes a combination of the two, using modern technology and various digital techniques. He's not a great believer in over photoshopping images to make them into something else. He prefers to create a snapshot of time using his skills and what he sees through the viewfinder, nor is he keen on overdone HDR which frequently makes images look false and takes away authenticity.

About the Photographic Prints

image Giclee printing is used, a fine art digital printing process incoporating Epson Ultrachrome K3 pigment based inks. This linked with 271 gsm photographic weight resin coated satin paper with the extra UV protection from a microporous supercoat and its representation of vibrant colours makes this the obvious choice for high quality photographic prints with a high degree of water and fade resistance.

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