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A Year in the Life of Glastonbury Abbey/ An Abbey for all Seasons.

A Year in the Life of Glastonbury Abbey. The narrative opens on a cold winters morning on 3rd February 2009, continues through Spring, Summer, Autumn and winter 2010.

The film starts slow showing the barren winter landscape and builds as the year progresses.

View the flora, fauna, wildlife and some of the many events as they unfold linked with emotive haunting music and stunning photography, giving a rarely seen view of Glastonbury Abbey.

Customer Review:

"I lost myself for over an hour in the heart and centre of Glastonbury!

The beautiful music just drew me in, to this beautiful visual journey around Glastonbury Abbey and the surrounding views from the grounds and never let me go until it finished.

The photography is just stunningly beautiful. The minutest details are captured. From the stunning architecture revealing the historic Abbey remains, to the beauty of natures own colours. So much so, it's almost as if you could momentarily smell the newly, bloomed flowers and freshly mown grass.... even down to the veins in the insects wings.

This DVD also shows you some of the annual events that are held in the Abbey and grounds and the permanent residents of the trees, flowers, ponds and ground itself, that reside there all year round too.

If you have been or ever wish to go to Glastonbury, this video is well worth purchasing. Absolutely beautiful and a joy to watch!"

Original 90 minute film with an aspect ratio of 4:3.
Price £14.95 including postage and packing

New re-edited wide angle 16:9 version
Price £14.95 including postage and packing